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Ryan Edunation, manages, operates and builds high quality schools across country. In the K12 domain in India, there are many schools which provide excellent primary and secondary education. But quality control and standardization are rare. Even in the country’s largest school chains, teaching standards and learning outcomes vary from school to school.

Ryan Edunation is actively looking to partner with K12 players seeking to:

  • Efficiently use real estate assets & improve capacity utilization
  • Enhance their school profile
  • Reduce administrative burden


With entry into school management space with Manchise Model, it aims to provide international standards and methodologies to every corner of the country.

Do you want your school to be Number 1 School in your city?
Do you want your school to be filled to capacity with a waiting list for admissions?
Do you want your school to consistently excel in academic results?
Do you want to give your students an all round development and global exposure?
Do you want your school to have all protocols on child safety and protection?
Do you want your students to have the best tech solution for learning?
Do you want to be ranked among the best schools in the country?

Why Manchise Model?

Our Manchise model offers complete solutions for enabling leap transitions that would take schools well into the knowledge era. The approach of the programme is to take up end-to-end responsibility for management of the school and yet operate under the umbrella of brand offerings of Ryan Edunation. The scope of the programme is comprehensive and encompasses all facets of the school infrastructure and functions.


We welcome you to be partners in our endeavors of #EducatingTheNation, our team will help you to find opportunities to develop more tailored products and services to meet requirements.

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